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The first of a new breed is often exciting for those who discover it.  This breed is, as the title suggests, less formal and hopefully, more effective.  I will not likely be writing to a regular weekly schedule, as that is far too much like hard work.  Posts will appear as and when.

I did it myself.

So, so start with…

Christfuck, I have had a busy week.

Not that the craziness is at all likely to stop any time soon.  I am set to perform in a play tomorrow and the day after, and then I have about a fortnight before my University assessments.  Beyond that, I am to be thrown carelessly into the world of unemployment.  Hell, the likelihood of me finding a job in the next six months is frighteningly unfavourable, and pack of cock-gobbling twat-baskets who make up the UK government don’t give a flying fuck about anyone outside of their snotty list of snotty chums.



There is a word for this kind of situation, and it also applies to the kind of people in the government right now.

That word is cunt.

This situation is a massive cunt, and so is parliament.

Goodness me, what a magnificently satisfying word to say, shout and repeat when times get unbearable.  I have done so ad nauseum today, and it has proven absurdly lovely.

Only a short one today, so on that note, see you bitches later.


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