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Monthly Archives: June 2011

I have come to a conclusion. Don’t look at me like that.  I can conclude things.

I am a fucking genius when it comes to concluding things! I have decided that now, here, sat in my dressing gown, would be an excellent time to dabble with illustrating my own posts.  At the point of decision, it seems that my graphics tablet is on the other side of my desk, and there is another chair where I should be sitting, because my girlfriend and I were playing Fallout: New Vegas not so long ago, and she likes to sit and watch me while I run around the Mojave wasteland murdering people.        

Well, I say ‘I’.  It isn’t really me per se.

I’m just sort of controlling an avatar representation of my girlfriend, and making it wander around the Mojave murdering people.

Did that picture make sense?

Bah, to hell with it.  You can work it out.

I will probably be trying out a couple of different styles to illustrate things.  Keep your eyes peeled and give me feedback mother-bitches.

I will eventually make a choice and probably stick with it.


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How many of you guys and dolls have had IBS as a symptom or a diagnosis?

Would you believe I couldn't find a single de-motivational poster about IBS that wasn't stupid or didn't have a cat with vomit stuck to it's face?

It has been a couple of weeks since I was diagnosed with a functional bowel disorder, resulting from over-anxiety about work and money, etceteras, and it has been a chronic ball-shrinking nuisance ever since.  It is not, as many might claim, a modern problem.  Apparently, the cause and treatment of IBS was discovered thousands of years ago by ayurveda, the “oldest health system known to man”.  Apparently, it was called “grahani dosha“.  I suspect the man who wrote the linked article of not getting his facts straight, and generally, being a pillock.

He claims that IBS, or “grahani dosha” can be “cured” by carefully adjusting to a natural diet and a balance of correct herbs and spices.
I claim that the man still doesn’t have his facts straight.  What he writes ‘cure’,  he clearly means ‘manage’, and when he writes ‘natural’, he clearly means ‘non-trigger foods’.  The funny thing is, your average modern doctor will recommend you also ‘manage’ your symptoms with careful adjustment of ‘non-trigger foods’, and on top of that, they will prescribe an anti-spasmodic and tell you that certain herbs, spices, peppermint and charcoal will probably ease or eliminate symptoms altogether.

In many cases, however, nothing will truly alleviate the problem, and you are left with a gut full of wind and a belly full of pain.  Some days I have to lay on my front with a hot water bottle under my stomach, trying not to scream or cry, because I know that I won’t bloody well stop if I start!

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