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Der Gothmann: The Humanoid Boogie

It's full of Humanoid Rock'n'Roll.

Who here has been watching Misfits on the television?

Watch this program. Do it. There is no excuse.

Undoubtedly, the best example of what would happen to real people if involved in a collision with super-powers.  Let us face the facts.  If you were involved in a magical accident that left you with an unusual superpower, you would, invariably, use it to be a dick to the people you hate.

Telekenisis?  I would psychically throw a nun into a moving truck.

Super-strength?  I would physically throw a nun into a moving truck.

Invisibility?  Sneak up and punch a nun into a moving truck.

All this really amounts to is, people trying to be more polite, in case of mystical repercussions, and a great many more nun pavlovas.  In fact, this is a marvellous solution to the problem with religion.  Give human beings magical super-powers!  People wouldn’t have the time to fear divine retribution, for fear of immediate, magical human retribution.

I certainly know of one or two ex-partners I would be happy to punish in excruciatingly embarrassing ways.

I wonder who amongst us would really use their powers to make changes for the better in the world?

To be honest, I would, but not selflessly and not singularly.

For example, I may well sneak into the houses of our “lords and masters” and slaughter them with glee.  I may also rob a security van as was depicted in the show to support my retributive murder.

Seriously, the ability to render myself invisible at will would prompt some serious execution.

As Cameron and Obama are nothing but useless figureheads, they might as well live in fear, but live.  They can seve to warn people.  Definitely going to waste the Bilderberg party, their pseudo-communist plan for the world serves to frighten the bejesus out of anyone with the sense to see it.

As there is no force of law anyone is willing to enact upon the state, we would have to resort to the old will-to-power scenario.

I think that super-powers are the best way to move forward on the front of international revolution.

Such a shame, is it, that we are unable to acquire said abilities.  As it stands, it looks as though we must exert our will-to-power coups in a distinctly vulnerable and human way.

Come on people, can’t we just take up arms and smash the absurd paradigms of this evil establishment?

I will give you free cookies if you help – yes?

Oh, arsebiscuits…

Back to fantasies of superpowers, and secret, style stealthy murder… Thief II style.


Yes, I said Thief.

Fuck you Hitman.

Fuck you good.




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