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Der Gothmann: The Humanoid Boogie

It's full of Humanoid Rock'n'Roll.

So, there I was, digging up some research on the biological, evolutionary origins of human creativity for my dissertation, and yet, another misdirecting link on Google led me away to yet, another “creation science” site.

Click on the image to enlarge it if necessary.

“Blergh!” Say I. “Blergh!”

Who are these imbeciles?  Why are people like this, allowed by the general populace to run free, and without the threat of extinction from a fitter class of human being?

Now, I will admit that Darwinism has a couple of grey areas that we have not yet discovered the answer to, but these people’s hypotheses are made of huge, ragged holes!

It seems that their method for arriving at an hypothesis involves announcing to the team: “Here is the conclusion we want, what scientific discoveries can we hammer together to prop it up?”

The dinosaurs were created by God at the same time as all the other beasts?  There is not a single shred of vaguely palatable proof that this is even a possibility!  Oh, and what is all this utter tripe about the eye being too complex to have evolved of its own accord?


I chose this video specifically, because it is fairly simple for certain individuals to understand.

Anyway, if you are going to use that tack, why do we have an appendix, I ask you?

Now, I am aware that many people hold up some form of religious ideal or other.  While I feel that there is enough proof of religion easing some aspect of the human condition to make the blind following of it understandable to those who have not the urge or desire to question it, I still feel that nothing I have heard so far has been enough to prove to me, the existence of a “divine” being of any sort, whatsoever.

Several other humans I know are religious, some are gnostic, (which literally means “knowing”; – they feel there is some higher power but cannot be certain who or what it is,) and many are agnostic, (by this, I mean “unknowing”; – they are de facto atheists because they are uncertain about the existence of a deity, and therefore they do not believe in one, but remain open.)  Some of these people may feel uncomfortable about my position as an unbeliever, but they respect my position as I respect theirs.

It should be noted at this point that, I don’t respect my friends’ opinion because I respect everyone’s opinion indiscriminately.  I respect their opinion because I value their friendship, loyalty and intellect.  There are many people in the world, and I, personally, don’t give a damn about most of their opinions.  They can keep them to themselves, unless I request the opinion from them for any purpose.

My bottom line is, while it can be patchy on rare occasions, evolution is a countless quantity of times more logical, sensible and viable than the idea that an un-knowable being which cannot, by “his” own definition – be.  Of course, I am more than aware that much of logic breaks down beyond the collapse of the wave function.  There is still no known quantum mechanical reason to believe that a divine being made the universe and is personally looking out for us over-clocked monkeys in shoes.

Before anyone of you jumps in and says that lack of complete evidence against, proves that God is real, masses of evidence against, based on the limits of our current understanding is not a lack thereof.  Also, given that there is no good evidence for your argument what-so-fucking-ever, means that my argument dramatically outweighs yours.

Anyway, I am not staging an entire theoretical argument by myself, and regardless, your opinions are not facts.  That is why they are called opinions.

I will end on a quote from Ricky Gervais:

“It annoys me that the burden of proof is on us [atheists]. It should be: ‘You came up with the idea. Why do you believe it?’ I could tell you I’ve got superpowers. But I can’t go up to people saying ‘Prove I can’t fly.’ They’d go: ‘What do you mean ‘Prove you can’t fly’? Prove you can!”



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