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Der Gothmann: The Humanoid Boogie

It's full of Humanoid Rock'n'Roll.

Politics, politics, politics.

Without a doubt, the most interesting spectator sport in human history.

So, David Cameron and all his snotty school chums are “in charge” here at home and Barrack Obama seems to have stopped talking so much about change and is settling into the same old rigmarole that any leader of the US does.

So, where are we this year? Absolutely bloody nowhere new. We’ve all been through this stupidity before, people! Does nobody have any kind of memory which is consistent beyond approximately three or four years ago?

I have yet to understand why nobody has picked up on the cyclical trends in politics and economy over the last century. Boom, recession, liberal, conservative; the game is only designed to aggravate people and placate them in turns. A conservative government arrives, irritates people so that they cry out for change and fairness, then a liberal government turns up to make people feel better about themselves and make enough sloppy mistakes to have people ask for the reigns again.

Then the cycle repeats and people are forever forgetting the last turn of the wheel. How many political figureheads have not said something to the effect of: “things are going to change when we are voted in”, followed by some superficial policy surgery?

The most distressing part about all this is the steady decline of personal freedom and monetary leeway we are being left with.

For anyone who has decided to read my “GRAvatar” profile, I mention being an avid de-centralist. This is because there is no such thing as right or left wing any more, (if there ever really was,) only central and de-central. Have none of you people noticed how little anything really changes, whomsoever ends up in Downing Street/The White House/Hôtel Matignon? The phrase “a fool would rather be deceived than disturbed” springs to mind.

The reason why nothing ever really seems to change is because it never really does. Continuing to vote, buying into the political media and actually accepting this pantomime as anything more than the backwards, scripted façade it is, just encourages these stupid toolbags and advocates centralism.  De-centralism is the active rejection of this, and the desire to move towards a rurally-biased government where decisions happen from the ground up.

Of course, the likelihood of this system becoming implemented before the horrible, screaming bloody death of “democracy” and the ultimate collapse of Western society as a whole, (or, just a zombie apocalypse, of course,) is very, very, very remote.

Mind you, zombies are traditionally rather predictable, human beings, are less so… not too much less, but enough.

Wait, I almost forgot: the Liberal Democrats are meant to be part of the coalition British government too, aren’t they?

Oh, wait, silly me.


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